Facts To Know About The Shillong Teer Competition

What do you think when you notice the name Shillong? The first thing that one thinks of will definitely become mountains – a wall of mountain tops covered in greenery having a view to die for. However, what number of you know about the teer result today target Shillong Teer Competition?

What is the Shillong Teer Competition?

Teer may be the Hindi word regarding arrows and essentially, the Shillong Teer Levels of competition are a lotto event kept all over the mountainous state. The actual rule from the competition is that 50 archers shoot arrows for the exact purpose of hitting the bull’s eye. All you have to do is predict the last two numbers of the variety of arrows that will find the target and if you’re correct, you are able to win Players. 80 or more. Round 1 is composed of 30 arrows each and also round 2 of Twenty arrows for each archer.

How popular is that this sport?

The actual teer competition is fairly popular within Shillong and you will comprehend the widespread love it gets you may notice 500 counter tops open throughout the state to consider bets.

Rules of the video game

• You can only think about your ticket appropriate if you purchase it before the sport begins.
• The ticket entry charges only Players. 1 which you can buy from any with the state-wide counters.
• Take a range from 2 to 98 and guess your money with that number – it is your choice.
• The Shillong Teer Result list gets updated on the net as soon as the recognized announcements are manufactured.

The Shillong Teer Competition is a game which unifies the people from the state. Once you ask inhabitants about it, right now there won’t be a solitary person who would not know about the games played. The lottery competition makes the people of Meghalaya one – a proven fact that is not recognized much in the world.