Follow these simple steps and start using your Sia QT Wallet

Siacoin wallet, can be a digital wallet developed by nebulous (developer of the Sia platform) available for IOS, Windows, and Linux, for the management of Siacoin, a currency of sia mainly for your payment of storage hosts. The siacoins that store, send and receive Siacoin QT Wallet Download are cryptocurrencies; tokens created for transactions within the sia page and that has its own blockchain independent of Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Sia is the first decentralized storage platform that utilizes blockchain technology, to deliver security and reliability in data storage, etc. that permits anyone to lend the storage capacity of their hard drive in exchange for a small contribution. The blockchain technology guarantees the encryption with this data, of which only the client can can get. Payments for the host can be made from Siacoin core wallet and below are a few simple steps that will help you:

1. Download and install the app, it’s available for the 3 most critical operating systems on the market. When the load is finished, create a new folder and pass the file into it. Then locate Sia-ui.exe and then click there.

2. Once you’ve clicked, the app will open immediately. A bar that shows the synchronization process will be displayed on top of the right side. Although this is happening you can start creating your Siacoin QT wallet. Locate the “wallet” button then press the “create a new wallet” option, it will immediately provide you with the necessary information. When designing it, you need to keep the password perfectly, write them in a safe place preferably, because, without forgetting the password you will not be able to re-enter.

3. Then place the password held on and you’re done, you can use your wallet!

4. To buy your address you need to simply click on “Receive siacoin” high it will be.

5. You can also see all of your addresses by clicking on “terminal”

6. To make transactions you only have to visit “Send coin” and provide the amount and address.

Ready! It’s as simple as using Siacoin QT wallet. Nothing complicated? Then, run to download this fabulous app to enjoy the best storage that Sia provides. Click here and get it