Items to Learn about a僱傭 (domestic Assistant Job )

In times past and in many cases today, choosing maids have already been a continuous practice in many areas of the world. There could just be just a little adjustment to the organization in recent years. The idea remains the same. Some helping palms is employed to complete some duties in the home. Men and women hire service personnel today possibly on a full-time or even part-time basis. A new full-time situation is regarded a status image. You will have a spare room in your house for her in order to lodge and you may pay more income. You will also have to feed her, an additional mouth area. Although it will be a big support for you since she will carry out all chores and you have the girl service 24/7.

You can take into account the part time cleaning service if you cannot manage a full-time service. But you ought to know that she simply comes to your own home and clear whenever the girl service is required. This is when anyone contact her or the agency she works with. So, the lady comes, functions, and the returns. Here, you make payment for less , nor have to lodge her in your house. You don’t have to worry about her feeding, unlike the entire time. Finding a part time
domestic helper employment (僱傭) has some pros and cons;


1. There is theflexibility of service. You hire her at your need and comfort. You may contact her to clean yourhouse, which would be a venue for an event. Then, call her after the event for clean up.
2. They are highly trained, skilled and experienced. Cleaning companies often do a great job in training their candidates. You can be sure of great expertise on your property cleaning.
3. A part time maid will do an excellent job because they will always want you to call them again.


1. But you know that you don’t have her service 24/7
2. There may be inconsistencies, especially with appointments with the same person. Especially when you are getting to like a particular maid.

Whichever style you require, you will get a full satisfaction from HL&C (康樂居).