Xiaomi store has cellular devices to auxiliary devices all

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On Xiaomi store people mainly find these products as the best products.These products are the
White/black scooter m365 at 1649 shekel, Notebook Air flow 12 M3 at 2990, Xumiomi Mi Band 3 with 169 shekel, Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 64 gb at 999 shekel, Electronic smartphone for example Xiaomi Pocophone F1 18Gb at just 1599 shekel, Robotic carpet cleaner Roborocks50 at 1599 shekel. Other than this the Monthly special offers place has Wise bracelet from 129 shekel, Stereo headset at 120, Mobile charger for Xumi with 155, Wireless headset for 83, Sound club glands at 470 shekel, Cell phones starting from 549 shekel, Unlocked Smartphones from different costs, Weighing machine at 120 and a Kitchen table lamp from 165 shekel.